Let's meet again and live together the +CTG experience

+CTG, the Latin American Creative Economy Summit is

+ Communication + Creativity + Innovation + Marketing.

The pandemic meant that for two years we lived the Latin American Summit of the Creative Economy through the screens of our computers, tablets or cell phones. In 2022, we meet again to live together the +CTG experience from the beautiful and charming Cartagena de Indias, a city that will host the creative and content industry around "Creativity for life" for two days.

Discover the latest trends from expert leaders in:

  • New realities, new rules.

  • Innovative creativity for social transformation.

  • Conscious capitalism.

  • Data & Technology.

Get inspired by more than 40 educational and innovative academic content in formats that respond to the needs of diverse actors in the creative industry.

Create links with executives from the creative industry, content experts, entrepreneurs, media professionals and marketers, through the different relationship and networking tools such as the business roundtable and the recreational and commercial experience area.

Generate strategies based on creativity, as the engine of innovation, and the creation of great transformations from the environmental, social and economic.

Participate in the delivery of the Marketers Awards and the +CTG Sustainability Award.


“+ CTG will focus its contents under the lens of “creativity for life”, considering that its nature makes it the main engine of innovation and therefore an essential factor to carry out innovative social transformations in the world” .

Ximena Tapias Delporte

Executive President UCEP and +CTG